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MedaSonics CardioBeat Doppler with Ultrasound Stethoscope

USD $911.99

The MedaSonics CardioBeat Doppler with Ultrasound Stethoscope features enhanced “detection mode” which increases Doppler sensitivity at a touch of a button, making it easier to screen patients with special medical needs.






No-hold on/off button helps locate vessels and assess patency, calculate ankle-brachial index and measure systolic blood pressure of infant, shock and obese patients.

Heart rate display calculates beats per minute in an easy-to-read format for added convenience.

Consistently detects weak pulses not obtainable with conventional auscultation, verifies vessel patency and screens for venous thrombosis.

Compact ergonomic design helps dopplers to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Auto shut-off feature extends battery life.