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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer IR 988

USD $39.99

Description: The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer IR 988 provides accurate and rapid temperature readings without any physical contact. Simply scan the patient's forehead and receive a temperature result in less than two seconds.

One size only




Uses 2 AA batteries

Can change from °C to °F

Measuring distance: 2cm to 5cm

Memory array: 32 units

Measuring range (body): 94.1°F – 108.5°F

Measuring range (object): 32°F - 199.4°F

Maximum allowable error: 94.1°F – 108.5°F

Product dimensions: 150mm x 96mm x 44mm

Product weight: 123g

Power supply: DC.3V (AA*2)

Green zone: 89.6°F – 99.3°F

Orange zone: 99.4°F – 100.2°F

Red zone: 100.4°F – 109.2°F